Good Education is defined as Acquiring skills by any individual

The aim of good education is not merely to prepare the child for life, it is more so to provide him effective tools for living a fuller and happier life. Competitions can serve as a valuable educational tool and are a good measure of how well a discipline is accepted and integrated into the curriculum.

Exam Dates & Centers

*Date and mode of exams may change depending on impact of Corona on functioning of schools and centres. *Any courier of certificates and awards will require an additional cost of Rs 70/-




December 2024




December 2024


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Competitions encourage students to work harder, study further and in the process, boost confidence. Our content inspires students towards key skills such as good communication, enhanced creativity and to possess an information bank that they can trust in their journey as students.

Word Wiz

An Enlightening and Out of the ordinary English Competition which includes Written and Oral Components to LEARN and LOVE ENGLISH.

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The National level QWIZ competition will be held by Creative Intelligence Development Series for Students from Classes 1 to 5.

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An assessment for children to equip them with the requisite numeracy for entry into the formal learning arena.

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Director Message

Our competitions offer a lot more reward than just winning a prize. We strive to create a learning environment that presents students with an academic challenge that is often difficult to create in a single classroom or school. We want our students to get an opportunity to be a part of healthy competition. Learning to compete is important but our mission is to also keep the learning process fun and encourage students to take part in our competitions without any unjust expectations or pressure.

Jayanti Khandeparkar

Director, Creative Intelligence Development Series

Principal Wizdom

This vertical is an effort to provide an interaction with veteran Principals from all over the country so that they can provide guidelines and share their experiences which helped them set up good and efficient schools. It is a platform that provides a learning experience for over 10,000 plus individuals including teachers, parents, students, well-wishers and other patrons of our CIDS community.

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Mrs. Jayshree
S.N.B.P. School, Rahatni
Mrs. Shubhangi
Shreemant Shivajiraje...
Mrs. Megha
Rayat English Medium
Mrs. Prachi
Deccan English School

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