Wordwiz (Jr Kg up to Std 10)

An Enlightening and Out of the ordinary English Competition which includes a multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the key concepts.

This competition will help children to Understand Phonetics, enhance their vocabulary, and perfect their Grammar, develop their Communication Skills and Usage of words that will help fulfil their quest for Academic Excellence.

We will continue the formal classroom assessment while retaining the online assessments.

The specific objective of our assessment for the pre-primary children is because children read and write faster if they speak or understand the language that is used to instruct them. It has been seen through research that children who develop reading skills early have an advantage in education. The major advantage of oral questions, especially for pre-primary students, is that language is best learned using this mode of testing.

The preparatory booklet will help children to find many new words which will help them to enrich their vocabulary. They will develop a habit to consult the dictionary when he/she finds a word, the meaning of which he/she does not know.

Every registered Participant will receive a Free Preparatory Book in PDF Format containing exercises, Sample papers and information related to the competition.

On completion of exam each participant would receive a Certificate.

Rankers would receive Medals.