Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great.

Creative Intelligence Development Series

CIDS - Creative Intelligence Development Series follows this educational philosophy. Since our inception in 2010, we have followed the same principle and added verticals.

Every student is capable of learning. Parents and teachers are a team working together for their child's education. Often, when we speak of education, we speak about school and a formal classroom education. Education occurs in various forms and environments and we understood this to be essential during the pandemic. CIDS prepares students to be independent learners that have a lifelong desire to learn and apply a growth mindset.

The aim of a good education is not merely to prepare the child for life, but more so to equip themselves with effective tools for living a fuller and happier life. Competitions can serve as a valuable educational tool and are a good measure of how well a discipline is accepted and integrated into the curriculum. Competitions attempt to bridge some of the gaps, that prevent children use their skills effectively. Competitions encourage upgrading through self-learning. They give students a platform to showcase their expertise and growth.

Wordwiz (English Competition) Mathewiz (Math Competition) and Qwiz (GK Competition) were conducted as classroom assessments during the initial years until the pandemic shifted our assessments to online platforms. We now continue the formal classroom assessment while retaining the online assessments.

We also introduced workbooks. Workbooks are study companions and are the most common education instruments used in order to ensure students reach their educational goals. Our workbooks cover important concepts and tasks related to the syllabus.

CIDS invites experienced Principals from different schools to share their knowledge so that colleagues within their fraternity benefit from this discussion. Principals, not only have the responsibility to cultivate traits among children that improve communication, develop potential, show respect, and inspire vision but also to motivate their colleagues towards excellence and perpetual improvement.

We thank all the School Principals, Teachers and Parents for encouraging and motivating our students to stretch and test their skills of words, numbers and quizzing at the various CIDS competitions. We would also like to thank all the participants for the overwhelming response for our competitions.