Good Education is defined as Acquiring skills by any individual.


The aim of good education is not merely to prepare the child for life, it is more so to provide him effective tools for living a fuller and happier life. Competitions can serve as a valuable educational tool and are a good measure of how well a discipline is accepted and integrated into the curriculum. Competitions attempt to bridge some of the gaps that prevent children to use their skills effectively. Competitions encourage upgrading through self learning. It gives students a platform to showcase their expertise and growth.

Professional Development through Workshops

Research suggests that a good teacher is the single most important factor in boosting achievement. Although the Education boards are making great strides in turning around struggling schools and ensuring all students graduate with meaningful degrees & diplomas, the most important link to success in the classroom is a gifted teacher. Hence teachers need to be continually supported with professional development.

Principal Wizdom

CIDS invites experienced Principals from different schools to share their knowledge so that colleagues within their fraternity benefit from this discussion. Principals not only have the responsibility to cultivate traits among children that improve communication, develop potential, show respect, and inspire vision but also to motivate their colleagues towards excellence and perpetual improvement.

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