The National level QWIZ competition will be held by Creative Intelligence Development Series for Students from Classes 1 to 5.

Today General knowledge helps students in their career aspirations, as exams / interviews for positions in IAS / Government, Army, Banks, Private Sector evaluate the General knowledge of students. The purpose of this qwiz competition is to generate an initiative to seek knowledge about the world, discover new information and facts and build a foundation and attitude of knowledge gathering.

Participation in the qwiz will help to create a more confident, knowledgeable student.

Please note that it is not an attempt to compare learning ability vis-a-vis a Syllabus.

We evaluate the knowledge about a wide range of subjects which may also include the class wise topics covered by CBSE/ICSE and the State Boards. Generally speaking, it has been found that children with a rich base of factual knowledge can retain more information and figures and are regarded more intelligent. This is mainly because they consciously connect between different information which they learn and this helps them retrieve the information stored when required.

*Suggested syllabuses for each class have been provided as guidelines. They are not comprehensive. Ultimately the student has to use these sample papers as guidelines and study the world around them to gather facts and improve their knowledge. Please note : Though the Sample question papers are provided in this booklet, the content and questions at the CIDS GK qwiz written / orals competition shall be beyond the preparatory booklet of course.

*other CIDS –Qwiz Terms and Conditions apply

Rules and Regulations and the Schedule for QWIZ


  1. Each participant will be given a question paper containing 30 multiple choice type questions.
  2. There will be no negative marking.
  3. Questions will be read out twice to Std. I participants. All students must pay attention and tick the answers as the questions will not be read out again.
  4. After the all the questions have been read out the participants will get an extra 10 minutes.
  5. Once the scheduled time limit is over, papers shall be collected to screen them for the next stage.
  6. Students scoring more than 75% shall be eligible for the next audio visual round.
  7. Each participant receives a memento.
  8. Each participant who has appeared for written but has been not selected for the final round is awarded with a participant certificate.
  9. The Qualifiers go ahead for the Final audio visual round ON THE SAME DAY.
  10. The Final Round would be the Audio-visual round based on the same syllabus.
  11. Each participant would be asked 8 audio-visual questions.
  12. 2 marks for the correct answer and negative 1 mark for the wrong answer. No marks for no answer.
  13. Answering time is only 30 seconds.
  14. The Result of the final round will be available at the month of February.
  15. All Qualifiers will get a certificate and depending on rank in the final rounds they will be awarded with a Medal / Trophy.

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